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The DRX 9000 changed the quality of my life drastically! I went from not being able to move, to a person with complete flexibility. The pain and suffering is no longer there and I can finally love my life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
- Yolanda Pumarejo

When I first came in to see Dr. Keller, I was in so much pain. Then I was introduced to the DRX 9000. After three times on the DRX 9000, my pain began to disappear. I completed all my treatments and now I feel so much better. Thanks to the DRX 9000 I was able to regain my health back.
- Denise McNeal

When I arrived at your office in December 2005, I had been suffering from back pain for months on end. I had been to other chiropractors, physical therapists as well as medical doctors. I had tried various remedies- muscle relaxers, pain killers, exercise, massage therapies, as well as more invasive epidural shots, all with no avail!! The only solution I was offered was surgery!

Until I met Dr. Keller! She recommended I go on the DRX machine. Although skeptical at first, I figured what do I have to lose? I must say it took time but I AM PAIN FREE!!!
I cannot thank you - as well as the rest of your staff-enough for the perseverance and encouragement in helping me re-attain a quality of life I once enjoyed!
- Joseph C.J. Schnitzler

After years of nagging back pain, I had the good fortune to be recommended to Dr. Melinda Keller. Between her patient and caring ministrations, and her magical machine, I can say that I am now completely free of pain. I have already recommended some patients to her, and would strongly advise all back pain sufferers to avail themselves of her expert help.
- Frieda Schick

I have three herniated discs in my lower spine, and the chronic nagging pain was starting to get to me. I have been trying to defer surgery for the last 20 years. It is an occupational hazard for me. In my work as a dentist, I am constantly bending and stretching. I was beginning to worry that I might have to stop working. I decided to undergo DRX9000 treatments last year.

I no longer suffer daily from pain. I am able to work and sleep comfortably. I try to exercise as often as possible, and I enjoy biking, skiing and tennis. I am able to do all the things that I like to do, including gardening and house chores.

I am very grateful for my recovery and would highly recommend DRX9000.
- Dr. Eleanor Olsen, D.D.S.

One year ago I was diagnosed with scoliosis. For six weeks I was laid up in bed with unbearable pain and my doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine to reduce the inflammation. During these 6 weeks I was also taking pain killers like candy, but they did nothing more than put you to sleep. And when you wake up the problem still exists.
When I asked my doctor what I could do in order to cure this thing he looked at me and told me that I had three choices: therapy, cortisone shots, or surgery.

I was in terrible shape until I discovered the DRX9000C through Dr. Keller in Brooklyn. When I met her she told me after seeing my MRI exactly what my general practitioner had told me. Basically we can help you with the same three choices.

After treatment on the DRX9000 Cervical unit I felt a tremendous improvement in my condition. After the 8th treatment my posture returned. As I progresses I started to feel relieved for the first time since the condition appeared.

Today I am feeling like a new person. I was so enthusiastic about the 9000C I can not stop raving about it. In fact, I've been asked to speak to patients to encourage them. It has worked wonders for me and I know it will work wonders for others. People go through life suffering with no chance for a cure for their spinal problems and have gone through many different treatments without success. This is a wonderful modern miracle! Thank you!

- Sam Matut

I am very grateful for my recovery and would highly recommend DRX9000.
- Dr. Eleanor Olsen, D.D.S

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